• Experience. We have over thirty years combined experience working with tile and stone installations. Why does that matter? We know how to work with all kinds of materials — the ones you see and the ones behind the ones you see. We know when others have cut corners, and we know how to do it right.


  • Attention to detail. Anyone can slap tile on walls with Thinset. Not everyone has the skills or takes the time to do it perfectly. We expect our walls to be square and the layout well-planned. We strive for beautiful design, but form always follows function. What good is a pretty-looking shower if the water doesn’t flow towards the drain? A freshly-tiled wall can look perfect -- until the glass installer tells you that the walls aren’t plumb. We ensure that the end result is not only beautiful but functional.


  • No Shortcuts. We invest in high- quality tools (that many don’t bother with) that yield better results. Take a look at our Gallery. A keen eye can see that there is no lippage in the tile, even with large-format tile and tight grout joints. Quality is our middle name, and perfection is our game. 


  • Candid Communication. It is our goal to make your dream come to life. We work with you to understand your vision. However, we also take pride in being candid and open. We won’t hesitate to suggest an alternate approach to achieving your goal or to caution you about something on your wishlist. There is nothing more rewarding than when a suggestion we make results in a customer being even more pleased with the outcome. We believe in an open and honest exchange with our customers and that managing expectations is key to good business.


  • Customer Service. We take pride in our work and work hard to make our customers love the end result.